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It is the mission of Career and Recovery Resources, Inc. (CRR) to help people identify and overcome their barriers to achieve a stable life. CRR breaks barriers for people experiencing substance abuse, underemployment, and housing instability, with focused services for youth, Veterans, people with disabilities, and those referred from the criminal justice system.


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Barrier Breaking News

SSVF Success Story

Since October 2019, Michael A. has been behind on rental payments due to a job loss. He came into CRR to seek help with his situation and through the help of the SSVF program and other agencies, Michael found a job and is now working full time at a car dealership. As of June 12, 2020, Michael will be current on all expenses and will be able to maintain himself fully. 
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Give Yourself a Break!

Work environments are in desperate need for strivers. Strivers have certain qualities and skills that make them the “go to, got it done” team player everyone needs on their team. Strivers first have an innate interest in learning; albeit a curiosity. These self- learners do not use excuses, blame others, or create distractions with smoke and mirrors when confronted with new tasks, difficulties, or conflict. They become curious about how to do work better and more efficiently, with an emphasis on improving themselves.

The skills they bring to the table include critical thinking; why something is the way it is, contextual interest; what do I need to understand about this issue that effects the work I must accomplish, and lastly the skill to explore their own strengths and weaknesses that effect their ability to take on a new task.

Plan a new approach to your work 

Establish a goal for improvement - e.g., more timely paperwork

Do that approach

Put the plan into effect- e.g. change when I do my paperwork

Study what went better

Verify that the process achieved the desired results

Act in the ways that better the work outcome

Analyze any differences and their causes. Act to improve things.


SSVF COVID-19 Response

Supportive Services for Veteran Families's (SSVF) Bold COVID-19 Response is thanks to the hard work of our legislatures. We thank them for their representation of our districts and involvement in increasing funding for our Veterans!


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